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A spider hung on the ceiling above my kitchen sink. It was probably there for days, but I only noticed it last Thursday. A similar spider used to hang in the upper corner of my bathroom. It might’ve been the same spider. They certainly look alike: long, thin legs protruding out of a tiny brown body that’s a little bit longer than most daddy long-legs I’ve seen. I took a picture and sent it to my friend, a biologist who specializes in spiders. …

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I still love Rich Mullins. The late Christian singer/songwriter may be best known for the dreadful “Awesome God” (which even Mullins admitted wasn’t one of his best songs), but the rest of his catalogue is much better. His music mixed elements of classical (“Sing Your Praise to Lord”), Celtic (“The Color Green”), and African music (“How Can I Keep Myself from Singing?”), which made him stand out from most garbage Christian music. …

TW: Verbal Abuse

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I met my high school girlfriend Darlene through Mark, the boy I had a crush on. It was the first day of senior year. Mark and I sat next to each other during senior orientation and talked about our summers. Sitting next to us was a girl that Mark knew but I’d never seen before; she had spent the previous three years attending a special school because of a learning disability. She kept her eyes on me the whole time, but I didn’t think anything of it.

I hung out with Mark, Darlene…

CW: Addiction, suicidal episode

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I hope Demi Lovato is okay. Three years after their near fatal heroin overdose, the singer returned earlier this year with both a new album and docuseries titled Dancing with the Devil detailing what led to their relapse. This isn’t Lovato’s first comeback documentary; 2012’s Stay Strong came out two years after their first stint in rehab, followed by 2017’s Simply Complicated, where Lovato revealed they were still using while filming Stay Strong. Lovato sings on the album’s closing track that they’re finally “in a good place,” and it seems like they…

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Maryland recently announced that fully vaccinated people don’t have to wear masks inside of businesses anymore based on the CDC’s updated guidelines. Some places still require masks, like Rise Up Coffee Roasters here in Easton, but most don’t. I’ll still wear one for now because it’s unclear whether the CDC made the right decision. According to the New York Times, most epidemiologists think Americans need to wear masks in public buildings for at least another year, even with vaccinations. Several people online also remind everyone that the CDC originally said masks weren’t necessary during the early…

TW: Mentions sexual abuse allegations against certain rock stars

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I still dream about being a rock star, despite being 38 and having no musical talent. I walk onstage with a guitar in hand, a row of effects pedals on the floor, and a crowd of adoring fans screaming out my name. For the next hour or so, I unleash every ounce of rage, sadness, and yearning buried inside through songs to which the audience knows every lyric. …

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My high school girlfriend Darlene led me to Christ at age 17. It happened after three months of seeking refuge in Wicca, only to find it exacerbated my clinical depression. One night in October, a few weeks after we started dating, she called me after her church’s Wednesday night Bible study. I immediately started crying, tired of being bullied, tired of wrestling with questions that had no answers, tired of living. She spoke with a comforting voice about how God is waiting for me to turn to him and let…

CN: Brief mentions of binge drinking and cutting

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I keep thinking about an old Doctor Who episode. The Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, is about to regenerate into his new form, but before doing so, he gives a short monologue about the cycle of rebirth. “When you think about it,” he says, “we’re all different people all through our lives. And that’s okay. That’s good. You’ve got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people you used to be.”

I’d rather forget about all the people I used to be. All my…

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Maggie Rogers’ debut album Heard it in a Past Life ends with a song called “Back in My Body,” which chronicles the travails of her European tour after her song “Alaska” went viral in 2016. She sings about having a panic attack in London and nearly running away from it all while having a cigarette in Paris. “This time I know I’m fighting,” she boldly declares in the chorus, “this time I know I’m back in my body.”

Rogers said the phrase “back in my body” means “being able to do the things I love, but…

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TW: Bullying, autistic meltdowns, self-injury, suicidal ideation

This is an excerpt from a memoir I’m currently writing

I first met Jake Vernon in first grade. He was a scrawny kid with a bad bowl haircut, and his face looked like a cross between Pee Wee Herman and a weasel. Grandma knew Jake’s family well enough to describe the Vernons as “the goofiest damn bunch,” which meant his family was more dysfunctional than ours. Nevertheless, I tried to befriend Jake as much as any other classmate. …

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