Conversations with Mia Mason #1: Healthcare, Jobs, and the Debates

Tris Mamone
5 min readOct 17, 2019
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Welcome to Conversations with Mia Mason, a new series where I interview Maryland Congressional candidate Mia Mason about various topics. Today we chat about the Oct. 15 Democratic debate, healthcare, and jobs.

Tris: So another debate has come and gone. What did you think of it overall?

Mia: Our Democratic candidates were very strong in what they were doing. I just didn’t like what was going on on the stage with the back and forth between our candidates when they should be focusing on our citizens and their plans to bring things forward.

Tris: Yeah, that’s always what always gets me about these debates, too. I want to know what the issues are to stay informed, but after a while it’s like, “Okay, now they’re arguing back and forth about about healthcare. I’m going to go step out for a cigarette because I know this is going to take a while.”

And actually speaking of which, let’s talk about the whole Medicare-For-All versus Medicare for those who want it versus just expanding Obamacare. What’s your personal view and your platform when it comes to healthcare?

Mia: When it comes to our healthcare, what is important is first is making sure that we have no exclusions for when we have our healthcare, whether it’s public or private. Currently through Obamacare, there are not that many exclusions. However, with our private employers, they’re free to discriminate against us all together, which then gives everybody a different price point for each of the employers out there. I’m looking forward to making sure that there are no exclusions so that you’re covered for any type of surgery or medical care that is out there, from a heart attack to a car accident to two or three back surgeries that may have a larger cost than you just going to go get a check-up every year because you’re in good health. That should be a transparent cost for everyone out there in the United States.

This should also include a public option for those that can afford it or not afford it with subsidies that can be the Medicare-For-All option…which also has no exclusions…and that is my number one priority. The biggest thing that people need to have is that choice because if they like their private employer’s insurance, they can…



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